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Bolo y Claus. Clowns
Bolo & Claus Clowns!

The Company Bolo & Claus Clowns! was created by Pedro Serka and Christian Hartwig  on July 3, 2010 in New York City and currently travels between the United States, Chile and Spain.

The decision to create a company of clowns and children’s theater has been the product of an intensive search to discover our identity as actors. Finally the Clown has brought us to a deep root of art, has opened a space to create, express ourselves freely and share our understanding of the world, especially with children.


Pedro Serka / Bolo

Actor, clown and director was born in Puerto Porvenir at Tierra del Fuego in the South of Chile. He started his professional career in Santiago, where he studied Production and Direction for Audiovisual Arts and where he got his training as an actor with the Masters Luis Wigdorsky and Fresia Astica. He worked for different theater companies in Santiago. He is one of the founders of the company Teatro del Viento which its main goal was to bring theater to the most in disadvantage communities in the city of Santiago. Later on he traveled to Europe and settled in Barcelona where he finished his training as an actor in the Institute Theater of Terrassa and with the masters Txiqui Berraondo and Manuel Carlos Lillo and studied for a period of four years contemporary dance with the master Anna Sanches at the Varium School Dance. He learned the clowns techniques working with the masters Pep and Bucoi Clowns, Cesc Serrat, Olga Colomer and Montserrat Casanovas. READ MORE…


Christian Hartwig / Claus


Actor and clown, was born in Madrid, Spain. He studied political science and administration at the Complutense University in Madrid and at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He began his acting training in Madrid at the Actors Studio with Marina Wainer and the Chilean Master Juan Carlos Montagna. In 2005 he traveled to New York City where he completed his acting training at the renowned HB Studio with school teachers like Austin Pendleton, Carol Rosenfeld, Aleksey Burago or Rochelle Oliver. He studied with master dubbing Manuel Herrera and worked for the company NY Audioworks dubbing different classic cartoons for the Spanish market. READ MORE…